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Участились звонки от моряков , а именно проживающих в Астрахани, Архангельске, Калининграде, сообщающих о звонках поступающих от некоего Валерия Александровича, моб: +79996463773, представляющегося сотрудником BGI Калининград.


Winners of the Photography Competition

Baltic Group International is pleased to announce the winners of the Photography Competition «My Job, my crew, my vessel».


BGI Company photo competition “My job, my crew, my vessel”

Dear sailors, this year «BGI» company invites you to participate in a photo contest «My Job, my crew, my vessel».

In our ordinary life we often come across with the pictures of vessels and amazing seascapes, but so important part of seafaring as a ship life is often off-camera.

That is why we invite you to take part in our photo-competition and share your life routine at sea – there can be you or your co-workers working or having a long-expected rest. Results will be announced on our website in November 2014.


Празднование 20-летия компании ЗАО «БГИ, Новороссийск Лтд».

BGI Novorossiysk celebrated 20th anniversary on 14/12/2013. This evening collected colleagues from nearly all offices of big group from the Far East to the Baltic Sea coast. All guests enjoyed warm friendly atmosphere of the event. BGI MD Igor Klimovskikh and the staff’s best of the best were rewarded for the distinguished service.


MLC 2006 certification of BGI offices December 2011

MLC 2006 certification of BGI offices. Provision of manpower management for maritime industry in accordance with requirements of the International Labour Organization's Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC,2006) as applicable to recruitment and placement services.