Baltic Group International invites marine specialists of all backgrounds, holding the correct qualification and marine documentation in accordance with the STCW 78/95 Convention to work on trade vessels. You can receive a competent consultation on your employment in foreign shipping companies, draw up your personal file - which is required for our further work with you - and have a test of spoken English at any of the BGI offices. English language competence is an advantage when we consider any candidate. Business inside our Group is carried out on a regional principle which means that all contacts with seafarers are made by the staff from the nearest office. This approach allows us to save our seafarers' time and money.   

If you do not have an opportunity to visit our Company representative office, you can fill in the application form on our site and send it to the nearest BGI office. Your data will be registered in the Company database and we will be able to inform you about available vacancies thereafter. The electronic way of presenting your documents does not preclude the need to take the English language test in future. Considering your candidacy, we can offer you an interview with one of our Company crew managers and take computer tests in accordance with BGI and the Employer's requirements. Please inform us (by e-mail, fax or personally) about any changes to your career and experience in order that we can keep your application form updated. The Baltic Group International staff guarantees that all the information received from any applicant will remain confidential and will not be used without consent. We select marine personnel on the basis of requirements made by our client employers and we are guided exclusively by professional and personal criteria of our candidates' assessment.

One more principle of the Company business is that Baltic Group International does not collect any remuneration from seafarers for their employment in any form or in any circumstances. We like working with people. Notwithstanding the fact that crewing is our everyday work, we strive to do it creatively because we get satisfaction from our achievements! Because of this, people who choose our Company stay with us for a long time.